Angel*on*earth - Alis volat propriis
Native American 10 Commendments
The Earth is our mother, care for her
Honor all your relations
Open your heart and soul for the great spirit
All life is sacred ; treat all beings with respect
Take from the earth what is needed and nothing more
Do what needs to be done for the good of all
Give constant thanks to the great spirit,
for each new day
Speak the truth; but only in the good of others
Follow the rythms of nature
rise and retire with the sun
Enjoy lifes journey, but leave no tracks
the little angel  the little angel walks the earth but she is so alone She can´t remeber where she is coming from  All she can sense is she is far away from the place she calls home  She is the pures soul around but no one see her for who she is  All she wants is to be accepted  People always treat different cruel and she is so confused  Why me she sais  The little angel is so alone thank god she has her unicorn  He lives inside her heart and only she can see him  Without him she wouldn´t make it  Noelle don´t ever change. I love you.   Av Eva
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